Outreach Program

(COVID 19 Accommodations Support):

The NVTS Outreach Program provides the following services within the limits of NTVS available resources (human, financial, other). This includes, but is not limited to services and financial support for:

  • Securing additional accommodation to reduce overcrowding in shelters;
  • Securing sufficient accommodation to quarantine individuals infected;
  • Purchasing beds and protection equipment in newly developed facilities;
  • Short-term financial assistance (e.g. rent arrears and utility deposits);
  • In-kind support, basic needs services (food security, voucher, grocery card, delivery of food, laundry and showers, personal hygiene products, basic cell phone costs, e.g. $55/mth);
  • Health and medical services/traditional teaching and medicine (including counselling, addictions support or hiring of health care professional);
  • Supplies & materials (to reduce the risk of transmission: cleaning equipment and cleaning/sanitizing supplies, personal protection equipment, client care package, or homelessness response kits); and
  • Transportation support (via taxi or NTVS owned vehicle).

For more information please read the Outreach Program Guide and Application Form.