Health and Wellness

The NVTS Health and Wellness Program provides the following services within the limits of NTVS available resources (human, financial, other). This includes, but is not limited to services and financial support for: 

  • Health and Wellness workshops and training the support the long-term health and well-being of Nisga’a citizens.  Training eligibility, supports, limits and offerings are subject to partner funding agreements that are established on an on-going basis.

We support community initiatives that are working towards our shared vision and goals. Every year we seek additional funds to support priority programming such as language and culture, education and youth.

  • Cultural Food Distribution that respect the cultural foods and practices of the Nisga’a Nation to care for each other. Training eligibility, supports, limits and offerings are subject to Nisga’a Nation funding and resourcing (e.g. providing cultural fish) agreements that are established on an annual basis. Nisga’a Ts’amiks Counselling. To access male or female counsellor for parenting and COVID19, anxiety and depression, coping skills, substance use, supporting others, and maintaining relationships please click here.

Social & Cultural Connection: Throughout the year, staff coordinate monthly community events such as Grad celebrations, Summer BBQ, Halloween Bash, Unity Day Feast, Christmas and Hobiyee.

We support other services that facilitate more active participation of members and strengthen their understanding of their history, traditions, culture and language. We are working towards increased language programming.