Ts’amiks Edition

Hobiyee {Ho-be-yeh} is a celebration of the waxing crescent moon, during the latter part of winter, each year. The Nisga’a People of North Western British Columbia, watch for the positioning of the moon and the stars as a prediction of the coming harvest. Hobiyee is celebrated wherever Nisga’a people live. Like many other communities, they celebrate the New Year with family, friends and community. 

The Nisga’a New Year is also celebrated each year in one of the four 4 respected Nisga’a communities in the beautiful Nass Valley. 

The Nisga’a of Ts’amiks (Vancouver), hosts this celebration each year and invites dance groups from other Nations to celebrate with them, the strength, beauty and diversity of indigenous cultures. The 1400 Nisga’a of Ts’amiks invite the general public to Hobiyee to share the rich Nisga’a culture. 

This is a free event, which is educational, cultural, artistic and family friendly.


Volunteers help make the Hobiyee event a success as they bring their heart and spirit with their hard work.  

We had approximately 50 volunteers come out and dedicate their time. 

Hobiyee Ambassadors are needed. Come out and represent Nisga’a Ts’amiks as an Ambassador. 

Hobiyee Vendor/Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us in our Annual Celebration of the Nisga’a New Year at the NTVS Hobiyee. 

We are of the Nisga’a Nation, a First Nations group from the Nass Valley BC. Our ancestral land is approximately 100km west of Terrace BC. We have over 1,700 Nisga’a members residing here in Vancouver and across Vancouver Island. 

Our organization carries a goal to assist and to enhance the social, economic, physical, cultural and spiritual well-being of Nisga’a Citizens and their families. Our Nisga’a Ts’amiks community involves Nisga’a individuals and their families (non-Nisga’a and Nisga’a alike). Residing in an urban setting far from our homelands, Nisga’a Ts’amiks continues to, and invites all, to practice our philosophy: 

Annually NTVS releases a Vendors Application Form, which states:

  1. Applications are subject to approval by the NTVS Hobiyee Committee. 
  2. Once approved, in order to confirm your table FULL payment is due prior to the event. Failure to do so could result in the table going to the next person on the wait list. 
  3. Exhibitors/Vendors will be required to abide by the exhibitor agreement. 
  4. Rental fees are final and non-negotiable. There will be NO REFUNDS once vendors have paid rental fees for the event. 
  5. Tables/booths are assigned and exhibitors will not be permitted to move or alter tables from their assigned location or the position that they are set up. 
  6. There are no additional benefits with the role as a vendor; there will be no backstage passes, Elder’s passes or any other passes, unless notified otherwise by Nisga’a Ts’amiks staff. 
  7. All Exhibitors/Vendors: 
  • Are responsible for bringing necessary materials for setting up their table/booth (ie- tape, paper for signage, table covers), no materials will be provided by NTVS Staff or Hobiyee Committee. 
  • Exhibitors/Vendors are not permitted to sell any type of food. 
  • NO Raffle or 50/50 tickets are permitted to be sold by vendors. 
  1. We encourage Artisan/Small Business Vendors to sell items made locally, or in collaboration with First Nations artists. Imported/in-authentic goods will not be accepted to sell. 
  2. Rules and regulations are subject to change, vendors will be informed of any changes. 
  3. We gratefully accept any donated items from our vendors for our event to raffle off as a door prize.

Hobiyee Ambassadors 

Hobiyee Ambassadors are Nisga’a Nation volunteers over the age of 19 who are responsible for representing and promoting Nisga’a Ts’amiks community.  Ambassadors ensure the surrounds and spectators are protected and respected while in attendance at the NTVS Hobiyee cultural celebration.

First aid certification is an asset but not a requirement.  

Stay tuned for the 2021 Hobiyee Ambassadors Volunteer Form.

For More Information

For any questions you may have, or for general information please contact the NTVS office at (604) 646-4944 or by email at administration@tsamiks.com.