About Us

Say’t K’ilim Goot”
One heart, One path, One nation

Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society


The Nisga’a people have lived on British Columbia’s northwest coast since before recorded time. Long enough to see their culture thrive, adapt and endure. The Nass River flows through a land of sacred mountains and dense forest on Canada’s Pacific Coast. The Nisga’a Nation includes over 6000 people residing in the communities of Gingolx, Laxgalts’ap, Gitwinksihlkw, and Gitlaxt’aamiks –and across North America. In Nisga’a culture, traditional authority and the ability to govern originates from the connection between families and communities, and their land and resources.

The Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society was incorporated on November 27, 2000 and its office is situated in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Nisga’a Ts’amiks represents approximately 1,400+ Nisga’a citizens whose ordinary residence is within the greater Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo regions of BC and provide services to Nisga’a living on Vancouver Island and southern British Columbia from the Pacific coast to the BC/Alberta border.


Our mandate is to provide liaison and contact between the Nisga’a Lisims Government, along with other Nisga’a locals and Village Governments, and Nisga’a citizens ordinarily residing in the Greater Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo regions of British Columbia, as well as to deliver social services and promote individual, family and community wellness for Nisga’a citizens living within our boundary.


To nurture a vibrant and prosperous community that is an integral part of a unified Nisga’a Nation


To create a community that enhances the social, economic, physical, cultural and spiritual well being of the Nisga’a citizens whose ordinary residence is within southern British Columbia.

Programs and Services: 
Nisga’a Ts’amiks receives the majority of funding from Nisga’a Lisims Government for the following core areas: education and youth; training; government and local services; language and culture; economic development; and community preventative services.  We provide targeted funding for youth (education grants, recreation funds, and grad attire), the Youth Council and the Elders Council. 

Throughout the year, staff coordinate monthly community events such as Grad celebrations, Summer BBQ, Halloween Bash, Unity Day Feast, Christmas and Hobiyee.  We support other services that facilitate more active participation of members and strengthen their understanding of their history, traditions, culture and language.  We are working towards increased language programming. We support community initiatives that are working towards our shared vision and goals.  Every year we seek additional funds to support priority programming such as language and culture, education and youth.

Our office is staffed by an Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Programs & Services Event Coordinator, Finance, Administrative Assistant, and a Custodian.  We also enter into contracts with service providers with special expertise to enable us to deliver programming.  And, of course we welcome volunteers and community support at all times. 

Declaration of the Nisga’a Nation

Programs & Services

Nisga’a Ts’amiks receives the majority of funding from Nisga’a Lisims Government for the following core areas:

I. Education and Training (including Language and Culture and Recreation);
II. Health and Wellness (including Cultural Food Distribution);
III. Outreach (including accommodations support during COVID 19); and
IV. Communications (including Hobiyee, Elders Council and Youth Council supports).


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